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Just a little background......

I started cooking when I went off to college, but when I returned back HOME, my cooking changed to homemade cooking instead of canned foods. I enjoy cooking and it is my area to unwind. My mom and I kept trying to figure out what we could do together and a way to make some extra money and I said, "Let's cook". My parents are big on seafood and vegetables so we aim for different recipes that express foods in a different light. We have put together a great menu and will add on here and there to meet the tastes of our clients.

we are here for lunch or dinner prep, private dinners, and will cater groups no more than fifty people.


**If multiple main dishes and sides are ordered at once, there is a set fee of $180 plus the cost of your groceries. If you order a pan of a select item or one meal with a side, the set price varies but it also includes the cost of your groceries. **(ex: Salisbury steak with two sides would be $60 prep fee plus the amount of your groceries.
Please give us at least a 3-day notice of when you want to receive your meal.

Smothered Wingettes with homemade gravy and onions, stuffed shells with shrimp, spinach, and tomatoes, creamy mashed potatoes, jasmine rice with pinto beans, and rotel dip with fresh tortilla chips

Zucchini parmesan with seasoned spaghetti noodles with chopped bell peppers and garlic

veggie Ramen with zucchini, broccoli, carrots, yellow bell peppers, and red onions

Left picture: enchiladas with veggie chx, black beans, and spinach with red enchilada sauce, veggie ramen with zucchini and spinach, Skillet fried cod with cabbage, chx marsala with scalloped potatoes, salmon burgers with chickpeas and tomatoes with sauteed kale, and zucchini parmesan with riced cauliflower

right picture: Curry salmon with broccoli, tomatoes, and yellow bell peppers and a side of jasmine rice with black beans, and sauteed zucchini

Left Picture: Turkey salisbury steak with jasmine rice and green beans, tuscan chx with sauteed broccoli, and Chx marsala with creamy mashed potatoes

right picture: stuffed shells with shrimp, spinach, and tomatoes in a creamy white sauce

 Our menu consist of our speciality menu items, but we can cook anything. also, if you are on a special diet or have a certain way of EATING, we can work together to create a special meal plan for you.

Every meal is prepared with fresh meats and vegetables. All sauces are made homemade.

How To Contact us:

Text preferably to introduce yourself. Email is good, but please text us to let us know if you sent your order through email.

Thank You!!

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